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Delight your guests with the ultimate Valet Parking experience

We are in mission to deliver a unique customer delight experience using BINGOValet application platform. Our goal is to revolutionize entire valet parking process globally. Our belief is, Valet parking is very first touch point in hospitality but often ignored in technology shift.
BINGOValet provide a complete new dimension to understand guests. 

Restaurants. Hotels. Shopping Centers.

Guest delight

32% of bad reviews by guest is due to long time in lobby for there car. Now its possible to deliver Zero wait time and all process down using mobile on mobile without downloading any app.


Vehicle and guest are tagged along so to identify guest details in case of any incidents.


All resources now are digitally aligned hence its possible to monitor valet performance on Real time basis, based on number of parting and retrieving.


Its now possible to profile your guest base on there vehicle preference.

How it works?

BINGOValet app is for your clients need. With paperless tickets,
detailed reports, advanced vehicle requesting, and a fully-digitized system, the BINGOValet app is the solution to give you an edge over the competition.


As soon as your guest arrives, your valet punch the guest details and issue parking lot number in his app. Confirmation SMS with Checkout Request link delivered automatically to guest. Post this Valet Executive park the vehicle in designated lot.


Properties can track VALET services usage by time, vehicle brand, days etc.


Guest can request his vehicle well in advance by simply clicking on Check out request link sent on SMS or by giving Missed call on number given in SMS. Valet staff is immediately alerted.

Delight your customers and clients: Whether it’s a hotel or a restaurant or malls, your guests will love Valet parking experience. They can effortlessly have their vehicle parked and request their retrieval in advance, meaning no time is wasted. You can also access detailed reports on revenue and labor, building trust through transparency and giving you an edge over the competition.

Optimize your valet operation: View reports on key metrics, including number of vehicles logged, speed of parking and retrieval, hours worked, and a detailed revenue breakdown. You can even request custom reports. BINGOValet experience gives you the insights into your business that’ll drive better decision-making and allow you to keep your operation efficient.

Valet Parking


599 Per 100 Parking

  • *Billed for 200 parking 


399 Per 100 Parking

  • *Billed for 2000 parking 


199 Per 100 Parking

  • *Billed for 5000 parking 

Customer Delight using BINGOValet

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